Tuesday 24 May 2011


Was in Kent last week - I'd forgotten how 'green' everything is once you get out of London, as spring turns in to summer.  I was visiting a house that I had worked on the end of last year (photographs up on the website soon).   Maybe it was the sun bouncing around, maybe it was my mood - who knows - but pretty little design details kept popping up in front of me: perfectly clipped cross hatch box hedging (it's got an official name but I can't remember!); Gothic Revival-esque windows; intricate tile detail on a side wall that few will ever see; a quiet bench becoming wrapped in foliage; sculptural wrought iron gates framing an architectural garden.  Gorgeous.

I miss the countryside.  A weekend bolthole is on the wish list.....

Sunday 15 May 2011


Work and no play makes Jill a very dull and rather grouchy girl, so I took some time out on Friday to go visit the new Ai Weiwei exhibition at the Lisson Gallery.

I'd wanted to see the famous 'Coloured Vases' since I'd grabbed a postcard of them at the Serpentine Gallery last year, attracted initially by the mix of colours used and then finding out that the vases were 2000 years old and covered in industrial paint, which of course made them even more appealing.  And, as I opened the door at the Lisson, there they were, all nestled in a corner - a flock of colourful, fat pots - sort of comic and beautiful at the same time.  The colour combinations absolutely kill me: candy pink and steel grey, lime yellow and aqua, grape and custard, sunflower and navy, bottle green and violet - too too much.  And the drip effect - love!   I'm about to take on another project and have been wanting to do half/half walls for ages.  If I can incorporate any of these colour combos I would be very satisfied.

In the adjoining room sat two absolutely exquisite chairs, carved in marble, cool and smooth to the touch and begging you to sit on them (I contained myself).  Beautiful.

Had to scoot off before I got to see the rest of the work - I'll ride over there this week and check out the rest.  I'm determined to get away from my desk more - bring it on!