Sunday 20 May 2012


A big part of this job is the research.  Endless hours spent rummaging, surfing, flicking, comparing, discarding and eyeing up (insert your own thought here.......).  It all becomes worth it when you find what you're looking for or even better, when you come across an unexpected gem.

I've been looking at alternative decorative ideas for a client's wall recently and it reminded me of how much I like a bit of etching.  Perhaps it's the sense of 'forever more' that I like.  Today, unexpected and innovative choices of both material and object keep a traditional craft contemporary and fresh. Here are a few that have caught my eye on recent travels........

Jo Gibbs is a fan of re-using found materials, she's also a keen 'Netcher' (Google it).  I saw her work last year and she's recently been featured at Milan's MOST 2012 exhibition.

Daniel Heath applies his designs to anything from wallpaper to fabric and rather cleverly worked out how to laser etch in to reclaimed oak panels to fun effect.
Modern technology has allowed etching to be taken to a totally new level and these two companies are creating stunning work in my opinion...

Graphic Detail apply surface detail to concrete, and with the collaboration of various artists, they have created some gorgeous finishes.

Genevieve Bennett does unbelievable things with leather.  Super talented woman. These leather etched panels make me sigh with satisfaction.

Wanna learn more about this traditional craft?  Get etching.....