Wednesday 8 February 2012


I've been rubbish at posting since 2012 started.  Work and the cold seem to have frozen my brain.  Mental note - don't be in England during January.......anyway, it's February now and I'm going to try hard to get back to regular blogging as I know how creatively nourishing my posts are to you ;)

So, I went to Maison et Objet last month - I have been told by many that it is 'the' trade show to go to, to get inspiration, see new things etc. etc.  Well, sorry, it didn't do any of those things apart from cost me too many Euros.  I don't totally regret going as I got to eat Laduree macaroons for breakfast, but I won't be rushing back.  Milan Furniture Fair - now that is a different matter.  Definitely going to find time to see that.  What Maison et Objet DID prove to me is that London is absolutely packed full of brilliantly innovative new design and I'm lucky to have it all on my very own doorstep.

Creeping out in oversized scarf and beanie hat yesterday, I took a break from dealing with tricky builders and went to see two exhibitions in town, one new, the other about to finish.........

DAVID SCHRIGLEY at Hayward Gallery
This guy is funny and brilliantly politically incorrect and has filled a floor of the Hayward Gallery with his musings.  It's refreshing to wander round and chuckle with the person next to you about the same thing and you know you actually are chuckling for the same reason (which is not always the case with some art).  Go see, it's on for a bit.

LYGIA PAPE at the Serpentine Gallery
Another good exhibition, which is about to end, (so hurry up), is LYGIA PAPE at the Serpentine Gallery, one of my favourite galleries in London.  I'm so excited that Serpentine Gallery 2 will be open later in the year, designed by the incredible Zaha Hadid.  I was grilling the poor girl on the reception desk of the gallery about the impending opening of no.2 and she mentioned a GLASS RESTAURANT THAT WOULD JUT OUT OVER THE ROAD.  I can hardly breath I'm so excited.  Anyway, the main gallery has an exhibition of late Brazilian artist Lygia Pape until the 19th of this month and it's definitely worth a visit.  Mixed media, the star piece of the show is definitely "Tteia"(trans. Web) and created out of brass wire threads, it really magical.