Saturday 24 December 2011


It's been an interesting year and the last few months have been pretty frantic with work, which I am of course grateful for considering the rather torturous recession hitting most of the western world.  Lots of completed work to photograph and upload to the website early next year, but for now I'm signing off for 2011.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a New Year full of possibilities.

(with thanks to Fornasetti for the image)

Wednesday 14 December 2011


Needing to find some vintage door handles for a pair of study doors I'm having made for a client and looking for props for a commercial project, I sat down with a pot of coffee and hit the Google search button.  During my search I came across these fabulous bells.  I love bells.  Love the shapes, the different sounds, the faded shine of a vintage bell and the all important handle, created out of wood or leather, worn in with time and use.

I'm sorely tempted to buy this.  It's a brass Muffin Bell, used originally by 19th century muffin sellers to promote their wares.  I love everything about it - the shape, the original use, the utter uselessness of it now (which makes it even more attractive).  Perhaps an early Christmas present to myself....

This little 17th century beauty has such a fantastic worn leather strap, it automatically makes you wonder about its previous lives and owners.  Imagination running wild.

Shop! Hello, shop!!  How annoying must it have been having someone ringing this at the counter while you'd popped out the back for a few minutes?  Love the shape of it - almost UFO like.

And finally, this early 20th century brass Musical Handbell.  Quite apt for this time of year as we hurtle towards Christmas, having been replicated into many lurid tree decorations. Incredibly simple in shape, the design is beautifully balanced, something important with a handbell.  And the reason I know that..........OK, a small secret..........I used to be part of a Handbell ringing group when I was at school.  In my defense I was tricked in to it by the music tutor, and spent many hours pretending it was deeply uncool to my friends.  Secretly I rather enjoyed it.