Saturday 26 November 2011


Earlier this week I took a trip down to leafy South Kensington to view some rather delicious vintage 1970s Venini chandeliers for a client.  Entering the hallowed grounds of Christies auction house, I wandered through the rooms, looking for the said chandeliers.  Found them, photographed them and registered to bid.

With a bit of time to kill I decided to take a look at what else was up for sale and fell upon the Pop Culture: Film & Entertainment Memorabilia viewing.   It's funny what people like to collect and there were certainly some strange things on offer, some of which would definitely appeal to those who like to attend Star Wars conventions dressed as Darth Vader and spend a lot of time in their bedrooms on the computer.  Amidst the bonkers stuff, I came across something that I would really like to own. This is it.
 Now, I have no real interest in either straight jackets or Harry Houdini for that matter, but there was something about the worn out leather and canvas, the faded colours and the interesting detail that caught my attention.  And, I suppose, the fact that it had been worn by the infamous escapologist himself.

I loved the leather studded detail on the collar and belt - great on a headboard or as wall panels...

The frayed edges of the faded canvas would look great on an armchair or sofa....

And the herringbone/leather combo beg to made up as full length curtains to keep out the winter chill.

The jacket went for £ 30,000.  Love to know who bought it and if they actually tried it on for size!

We won the Venini chandeliers if you're interested, thanks to a client with an iron will and an eye for beautiful things - always a good mix.

Saturday 12 November 2011


Oh, I do love Jonathan Adler.  He really seems like a glass half full kinda guy.  Everything he designs is fun, often humorous, full of colour and graphic pattern, and always very desirable.  I've bought a few bits and pieces of his work over the years for clients and lucky friends from independent shops in London, but now, joy of joys, he has finally landed in the heart of Chelsea with his fantastic new, HUGE flagship store.

I'd been holding off visiting as I know I'd want to buy everything, but as I was in the area this week, it seemed rude not to pop my head through the door.  I purposefully left my car on a yellow line outside so I wouldn't have much time to browse which would end in retail therapy (kind of worked).  With one eye on the car and one eye scanning the room, I managed to clock so many things that made me smile I know I'll be back with money for the meter and a shopping list as long as my arm......

JONATHAN ADLER, 60 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DD