Monday 15 August 2011


I ventured out of town for the night, just to get some fresh air and escape London for a bit.  It's been a tough week for Londoners with rioting happening all over the city and sadly right on my street.  A quick surf of the internet found me a hotel not too far away that would offer a little bit of green belt respite.

Beautiful views over Surrey gave me a chance to contemplate life and some great, original architectural details gave me design food for thought.  A big old hunk of a building, built around 1849 at the height of the Victorian age when 'more is more' was the order of the day in terms of interior design, the house is designed in a classic neo-Gothic style.  Very Pugin-esque and over the top, but really rather beautiful with stunning views and some lovely original details including wood and stone carvings, wood paneling and marble fireplaces.  A good place for a bit of R&R.