Sunday, 12 September 2010


I live in Notting Hill and on a Saturday, especially when the sun is out, extraordinarily beautiful people seem to arrive from nowhere and amble up and down Westbourne Grove doing very little but looking beautiful.   I'm used to it now so tend to keep my head down and go about my business, but while out walking my dogs yesterday I noticed a couple of things that took my interest - things that I personally find truly beautiful in a freaky kind of way.....

A very normal looking tree had, almost overnight, sprouted this remarkable fungus.  It looks like some weird ear, listening in on the passers by.  The colours are unreal.  Custard yellow and salmon pink.  Haven't worked out how I would put them together yet, but I will.

And then there is the Passion Flower.  It's freak of nature beauty is kind of obvious, but always gets me every time.  So much detail, so many incredible colours, so many patterns.

Food for thought for sure........

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