Thursday, 3 February 2011

A DAY WITH FREDERICK R.WEISMAN (well, kind of.....)

Didn't quite manage to blog as much as I'd like to have done while in LA.  Life sort of got in the way.  So, back in grey, cold London, I have time to look over some of the photos taken while out there and I've put together an overview of places visited that really got me excited.....

First stop: Frederick R.Weisman Art Foundation
I was excited enough just to be visiting a private house in Beverly Hills, but to also witness a collection of modern art collected by the extraordinary Frederick Weisman in a private residential setting was a truly awe inspiring experience.  As we were invited by our lovely docent to enter the house, bought in the 80s by Weisman to house his personal collection of 20th century art, a smile of wonderment crept across my face.  The house, designed by Hoover Dam creator Gordon B.Kaufmann, is from that lovely period in Hollywood (late 1920s) when interiors were quite soft and feminine - a Mediterranean-style villa filled with interior details typical of that period: hand painted ceilings, stucco details, wood-inlaid floors, huge polished terracotta tiles.............mmmmm, lovely.  Sadly no photos allowed of the interiors so you'll have to check the website.  So, stepping in to the house and immediately, everywhere you look there was unbelievable art on the walls.  Just a small check list (in breath)..........Picasso, Cezanne, Klee, Kandinsky, de Kooning, Kiefer, Moore, Noguchi, Rothko, Bacon, Lichtenstein, Reinhardt, Ernst, Gabo, Giacometti, Leger, Brancusi, Magritte, Miro, Klein, Ruscha, Pollock, Oldenburg, Kelly, Albers, Hockney, Noland, Rauschenberg, Rivers, Calder, Judd, Warhol.............(breath out)...........the list goes on and on.  Each room was another jewel to marvel over with some of the best art I have ever seen.  This was a special day.  Thank you Patty for the suggestion and Jaimie for 'making' me go!

A Leger mosaic at the entrance
Sadly, don't know who this is, but I loved it.  It moved like a real neon sign!
Not sure who this is by either but it was near the end of the tour and we were beginning to fade fast and my brain had art overload.  Never mind - it was a magnificent piece shining in the LA sun - it's huge by the way - maybe 12ft high - maybe more.

So, end of today's tour - check back tomorrow for the next installment!

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