Sunday, 6 February 2011


So, the second showroom that I visited meant leaving the safety and comfort of WeHo and heading slightly east to North Highland Avenue (we're talking a major hike - like all of 20 minutes).  I'm bad when it comes to leaving familiar surroundings, whether it's here at home or when travelling.  West anywhere always seems to suit me - don't know what that's all about.  Anyway, it was worth the effort. 

BLACKMAN CRUZ is somewhere I had become familiar with through my days as a PR.  Their style and selection of decorative pieces is truly unique and fascinating.  It's sort of Victorian Gothik meets old school Hollywood 50s glamour meets Adams Family meets 70s American Rock n'Roll.  I can see why the Hollywood Hills set loves what the guys sell there.  They have a very original eye.

This is one of two fantastic wood branch chandeliers.  They were very difficult to photograph successfully, but they really were outstanding.  Small glass candle holders positioned all over the the branches hold real candles, which when lit must look absolutely beautiful.  I would really like to replicate this in some way in the future.  Stunning.

Really quite mad, this 1905 Carlo Bugatti throne at $25,000 really is fit for a Hollywood King!

Love this little madam.  Called 'Limon' by Adam Kurtzman, it looks like it should be at least 90 years or so old, but Adam is very much alive and kicking.  She comes in a red glittery dress too if green's not your colour!

Liked these bar stools.  Not sure what wood they are made out of or what they used to be, but love their markings and shape.  Look good against the blue/grey bar too.  Nice.
 And finally one for the dog lovers amongst us.  A selection of vintage dog collars. Pointless, but who cares, love them.  And this one I dedicate to my little Beetle who passed away while I was in LA.  My little ray of sunshine.....

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