Tuesday, 27 September 2011

LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL: a bit of Baccarat and a slice of Rifat Ozbek

London Design Festival is now over of course and the focus has moved on to west London and the more sedate surroundings of Decorex and Focus, both in Chelsea and both frequented by a gaggle of 'assisted' blondes up from the 'shires and doing clever things with ticking and vintage linen for the Home Counties yummy mummies.   I did indeed stick my own assisted blonde head round the door of Decorex yesterday - nothing to get too excited about sadly apart from the always fantastic Emery et Cie.  Such a creative company. 

So, as I have a moment to kill, I have picked off a few more little gems that caught my eye last week.  First off, a little of bit of crystal magic from Baccarat.  Curated by the talented Suzy Hoodless, the Monocle offices (and boy aren't they lucky to have such enviably fabulous offices) had been transformed in to a kind of blinged-up Swiss chalet with over-sized crystal chandeliers, wall sconces, candlesticks, table lamps and some bonkers crystal animals from the brilliant Jaime Hayon.

Chandeliers with real swagger.......

and adorable little crystal dumpling animals, more fun than a teddy bear any day....

When I'd done with chalet living I moved west and stopped off at the new(ish) shop from ex. fashion designer Rifat Ozbek, namely Yastik by Rifat Ozbek.   If you're wondering what Yastik means, it's cushion in Turkish, and as Rifat is Turkish and the shop is full of cushions, it seems a rather sensible name for the shop.  A riot of colour and pattern (both of which I'm a huge fan of), the white backdrop of the shopfittings make the jewel coloured cushions sing out, winking suggestively at you to come and touch, stroke and sit upon.  And then of course you're done for because you know you won't be going out empty-handed......

Yastik, 8 Holland Street, London W8 4LT

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