Saturday, 8 October 2011


As our freak hot spell in the UK returns to a normal autumnal temperature, one's thoughts turn to materials that warm both the body and the soul.  Tweeds, wools, corduroy, velvet and cashmere - all perfect for sliding into, slumping on to, wrapping up in and striding out in as the leaves fall and the sky starts to turn to a dull grey.

At the very top end of lux materials that suit the season is of course leather.  I love a bit of leather.  On a wall, on a chair (in the right colour of course and on the right style of chair - no DFS thanks), on a floor (yes), on a staircase (again, yes) and even on a door handle.  Depending on how you live your life and who you are prepared to let in to your home, you can use leather in all sorts of innovative ways. 

I recently met the extremely lovely Genevieve Bennett.  She was showing at DesignJunction a couple of weeks ago and what a truly talented woman she is.  Genevieve creates bespoke leather pieces using processes such as embossing, engraving, inlay and sculpting for use as decorative wall panels, flooring, upholstery and furniture.  Here's what it looks like (photos from her website as my photos were rubbish)!  While you browse, I'm off to hunt down a client who deserves to own some of her wonderful work......

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