Sunday, 16 October 2011


Curtis Jere is the work of two guys, Jerry Fels and Curtis Freiler.  Working out of California from the 1950s to late 1970s, they created some truly naff artifacts, but for a small slice of time they managed to come up with a few stand out designs that now change hands for serious money.

A couple of days ago found me wondering around the PAD event (upmarket trade show for squillionaires looking to drop some surplus cash on some modern art, decorative arts, photography or tribal art).  Gordon Watson always has ridiculously beautiful artifacts and furniture available to buy from his shop or on-line and as I wondered past his stand, my eyes rested up on a fabulous Curtis Jere Raindrops Mirror.  Sold within minutes of the show opening, Gordon told me he could have sold it 3 times over.  I'm not surprised - I would have bought it like a shot if my pockets were deep enough.

The metal wall sculptures were all created out of copper, steel, brass or bronze and have a burnished finish which makes them shimmer and glow.  I love them.   Here's a few more of the good ones, available for sale as of today on 1stDibs (heroin for anyone who loves beautiful art, furniture or jewelry).  If you've got a spare $4500, I'd like any of the following please....

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